Building Capacity! (Part 1)

by | Feb 2, 2023

I am excited to announce the launch of my husband’s training and equipping course SPIRIT-GYM. The focus of this course is to get the body ‘harvest-ready’ and get individuals trained to walk in their callings. You can get more information on the website at

Registration is open for one week only from the 1st to the 7th of February 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Since the beginning of January, I have felt this incredible drawing. God’s Spirit is calling us deeper! We often say this, but I have never felt it so intensely!

He is calling us into deeper realms of His Presence. He is calling us deeper for a very specific purpose: He wants to build our spiritual capacity!

In this season we need to stretch ourselves. We need to train our spirits in godliness so that we will be prepared for the times ahead.

“For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”
~ 1 Timothy 4:8-9

I want to urge you to respond to His call! Do not get distracted and miss the mark!

A Warning: Mass Distraction is released!
Early in January, God showed me the plans of the enemy for this season in a dream: My husband and I, along with a group of believers, stood in a large beautiful white hall. I saw a figure standing on the stairs close to the bottom, observing what we were doing.

Suddenly my husband challenged this being. I could not hear what he was saying, but he spoke to the being with an attitude that we are not afraid of him and that he is rebuked.

I perceived that this was satan himself. He stepped down onto the floor and at that moment chaos broke loose in the spiritual realm.

I knew that mass distraction had been launched! It looked like a scene from the movies where they show a timelapse of the traffic in a large city: Everything moved fast and looked blurry.

Everything around me “blurred” in high intensity. All I could do was look steadily into my husband’s face. He remained absolutely calm and my eyes locked with his.

I felt how we connected spirit to spirit. I felt this incredible inner peace amidst the chaos around me. I also had a sense that all these distractions weren’t even evil or sinful things. They mainly were cares of this world and things that keep us busy daily. I just knew not to pay any attention to them and to keep my focus on my husband’s eyes!

May we take heed of this warning! While God is calling us deeper in these crucial times, the enemy will use daily distractions to get us off track. It won’t even seem evil. We need to be vigilant and spiritually awake, lest we are caught off guard and drawn away by various distractions.

We need to keep our eyes fixed on our bridegroom. In the midst of utmost chaos, He will teach us deeper levels of focus. It is time to build our spiritual capacity and prepare ourselves.

A key to enter the River of Glory
For more than a decade God has been giving me many dreams with the same theme: spontaneous singing! In all of these dreams, significant things unlock because of spontaneous singing.

The singing is always in acapella. It’s mostly what I refer to as heavenly songs: songs not yet released on earth. I believe this is an important key that God is giving us in this season. He wants to put new songs into our mouths. These songs will tune us into and position us in the river of glory.

This is an amazing tool that you can use in your time with the Lord. It will help you enter deeper into His Presence.

On the 15th of January, I had a vision in our church gathering. We are part of a fellowship where every member can function freely (read 1 Corinthians 14:26-40). We sing in acapella and any member can call out a song or start singing as the Spirit leads.

While we were singing, the Spirit led us into spontaneous worship. We sang phrases and hummed tunes led by the Spirit. As we were in deep worship, I saw a beautiful clear river. I could feel how, as we sang and released spontaneous sounds, we were taken deeper into the river. The river was filled with precious stones. We could take the stones and they would then be built into us. I believe this refers to the nature and character of Jesus that becomes part of us when we enter the river of His glory.

The following declaration was released from one of the brothers: “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will trust in the name of the Lord our God (based on Psalm 20:7).”

As soon as he released this word about trust, a great shift took place in the atmosphere and I saw that we were on a raft, able to row much deeper into the river.

Trust is a major key to taking us deeper into the river of His glory. Only if we fully trust the Lord, will we be able to go along with the flow of His Spirit. I felt how the river was leading us up to the throne of God.

The vision transitioned and I saw a golden pipe connecting heaven and earth. I was handed a key and I saw how heavenly oil was unlocked through our singing. The oil started flowing through the pipe. Suddenly the oil stopped and I saw that the inside of the pipe was clogged up. If the oil continued to flow, it would have been defiled.

I then heard: “CLEAN OUT THE VESSELS!” I knew that the pipes represented us! God’s oil cannot flow through us because our flesh is blocking the way.

God desires for His Spirit (oil) to flow through us, but our flesh limits His ability to flow freely. If we clean out our vessels, our spiritual capacity will be enlarged. More of Jesus will be seen in and through our lives. His heavenly oil will flow through the lives of His people and be released on the earth.

“For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.”
~ Romans 8:5

After this vision, my awareness was awakened by the loud phrase I heard: CLEAN OUT THE VESSELS! God started showing me specific things that block the flow of His Spirit. I will share about this in part 2 along with practical tools on how we can build spiritual capacity.

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